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Bandai Digimon Vital Bracelet Digital Monster ver.SPECIAL Japan version

Bandai Digimon Vital Bracelet Digital Monster ver.SPECIAL Japan version

22 800¥Precio
Bandai Digimon Vital Bracelet Digital Monster ver.SPECIAL
brand new, 100% Japan version

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Premium bandai exclusive item, very limited numbers available, place your order now to avoid disappointment.
Our products are 100% genuine, item will be shipped from Tokyo, the fastest delivery service from Japan to worldwide, please purchase it with confidence.
This product is a wearable terminal-type toy that uses activity data such as heart rate and number of steps to develop and evolve a character.
1.Training and evolving Digimon according to heart rate and step data
This product has a built-in heart rate monitor function and pedometer function, and the Digimon on the screen changes according to your daily activities. As the heart rate and the number of steps increase, the character on the screen will evolve more strongly.
2. Reacts to IC devices such as smartphones
This product has a built-in “NFC tag” that can be linked to IC devices such as smartphones. By touching a smartphone that emits radio waves or an electronic payment device such as a card reader in town, an enemy Digimon will appear on the screen and you can auto-battle with the Digimon you are raising.
3. Management of training and online battles with a dedicated app
You can manage your Digimon’s training by connecting to a dedicated smartphone app.
You can enjoy online battles and raid battles with users from all over Japan.
4. Expanded play with the linked item “Dim Card
By using the “Dim Card” (sold separately), you can open up new areas and increase the number of Digimon you can train.
When you load the Dim Card that comes with the main unit into “Vital Breath Digital Monster”, a Digimon egg called “Digitama” will appear in the Vital Breath. By wearing the Vital Breath on your arm, you can nurture the Digimon hatched from the Digithama by performing various exercise missions in addition to your daily activities.
How to play the product
The Digimon’s vital values (state) and mental state fluctuate in accordance with the user’s activity data (heart rate and number of steps), leading to evolution.
Touching “Vital Breath” to an IC device that emits radio waves, such as a smartphone, will trigger an auto battle. The winning rate of the battle depends on the user’s activity and the Digimon’s mental state, which affects the Digimon’s training and evolution.
By linking with a dedicated smartphone application, users can record their activities, add daily missions, and register the Digimon they have raised in the Digimon Picture Book on the application. The app is scheduled to be updated in the future, allowing users to engage in online battles and raid battles with users from all over Japan.
The evolutionary branch of Digimon changes depending on the vitality value, win rate, and number of missions completed as mentioned above. The evolutionary branches that change depending on each user’s activities are also part of the fun. It is possible to train your own Digimon with your own activities.
♦Interlocking item “Dim Card” to expand play
The “Dim Card” series (sold separately) is an interlocking item that expands the play of this product. By linking “Dim Cards” to “Vital Breath Digital Monsters”, you can open up new areas and expand the types of Digimon you can raise. Each “Dim Card” has a different area and a different type of Digimon that can be trained. The “Dim Card” series will continue to expand in the future.
The program is the same as the Vital Breath Digital Monster ver.BLACK/ver.WHITE.
Set contents
Main unit x 1
Impulse City Dim Card x 1
Ancient Warriors Dim Card x 1
Charging cable x 1
User’s Manual x 1
Product size
H45mm x W20mm x D15mm (excluding the band)
(Arm circumference: 14 to 19cm)
Product material
Dim card: PVC, ABS, EP
Charging cable: PVC, LCP, PBT
Digimon Card: Paper (Palusmon)
Target age
8 years old and up
Lithium-ion polymer battery (built-in)
Requires a USB port on a computer or other device to charge.
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