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IMAGINATION WORKS Son Goku Japan version

IMAGINATION WORKS Son Goku Japan version

brand new, 100% Japan version
pre-order, please contact us to confirm the release date
Our products are 100% genuine, item will be shipped from Tokyo via EMS international delivery, the fastest delivery service from Japan to worldwide, please purchase it with confidence.
■ Product Specifications
Height: about 180mm
Material: PVC, ABS, silicon

■ Set Contents
・ Main figure
・ 1 face part for black hair
・ 2 line-of-sight parts for black hair
・ 1 head part for Super Saiyan
・ Two face parts for Super Saiyan
・ 3 types of eye parts for Super Saiyan
・ Replacement wrist parts left and right 4 each
Pedestal set

All are high quality about 1/9 scale movable figure series

When creating a three-dimensional 2D character into 3D, the 1/9 scale, which is larger than the standard 1/12 scale, enables "dense modeling" and "detailed coloring" to create a "best appearance". "IMAGINATION WORKS" is a series of "Highest peak movable figures" sent by Soul Nations in pursuit of ". The first is "Goku".

● Molding Sculpture
Son Goku's sculptural beauty in pursuit of the best appearance.
・Three-dimensionalized by adding details of the fabric to create the texture of the dogi.
・Hair mold that makes you feel a bundle of hair.

● Coloring
Reproduce the fine color difference that can be made with about 1/9 scale.
-In addition to metallic coloring, the head has added highlights. In addition to the stereoscopic effect, the impression in the play is reproduced.
-By adding a shadow to the dogi, in addition to the dense modeling, it creates a more three-dimensional effect.

● Texture Texture
Real texture that produces the best appearance.
-Uses a seamless structure on the arm. The elbow joint has no divisions and can be moved.

● Value
Overwhelming play value
-2 types of facial expressions and 3 types of eyes are included for black hair and Super Saiyan. Up to 12 patterns can be reproduced.

● Movable Articulation
Various poses are possible without breaking the form.
-A wide range of motion is realized by the pull-out joint and upper body garment made of soft material.
-The new knee joint structure allows you to bend your legs while maintaining a silhouette.

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