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PROPLICA Crystal Star Brilliant Color Edition Japan version

PROPLICA Crystal Star Brilliant Color Edition Japan version

PROPLICA Crystal Star Brilliant Color Edition
brand new, 100% Japan version
in stock, ready to ship
Our items are 100% genuine, item will be shipped from Tokyo via EMS international delivery, the fastest delivery service from Japan to worldwide, please purchase it with confidence.


"Luxury" PROPLICA sparkling in the present era

When it was released in April 2015, it became a hot topic, and the "PROPLICA Crystal Star" continues to be loved and demanded by many people. It will be released with a luxurious glittering color that uses Swarovski® crystal and has a metallic pink paint.

PROPLICA sparkling in this era
-Brilliant Color Edition-
A luxurious shine for you...

The center is made of sparkling pink rhinestone with iris plating, and Swarovski crystal is used for the four colors surrounding it. Depending on the viewing angle and how light strikes, you can shine.

The pink part of the surface has been elegantly finished with a metallic coating that complements the sparkle of pink rhinestones and Swarovski® crystals.

The silver crystal in the center is painted with pink pearls in the image of the sparkle during transformation.
The ribbon relief surrounding it has also been updated with deeper gold.


■ Product Specifications
Diameter: about 74 mm
Material: ABS, glass, etc.


■ Set Contents
· Body
· Joint cover parts




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